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Pink Humer Limousine

Pink Panther Hummer

The unique Pink Hummer Limousine is the largest of its type in
Australia and lends itself perfectly to weddings, parties and any other special occasions. To be sure your next special evnt is memorable book the Pink Panther Hummer today!

Features include:
Seats up to 16 people.
4 widescreen LCD screens.
3 operational bars.
Plush leather interior with shag pile fur roof lining.
Laser lighting
State of the art sound system.
LED colour lit dance floor and smoke machines.
Champagne (not in QLD, soft drink, spring water and nibbles.
plus much more.

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Inside the Pink Hummer Limo
Stretching up to 11 metres and weighing over 5 tonnes the Hummer Limousine, and its 6.5 litre V8 Engine, is the most secure ride on the road. Full chrome accessories, big truck tyres and tinted windows the sight of this vehicle on the road turns heads and stops people in their tracks.

More information about the hummer Limousine

How the Hummer is stretched

A standard Hummer is literally cut in half and stretched 200 inches, hence why they are called the H200. This is all done in the US.

We in turn purchase these and ship them to Australia in a 40 foot container, which takes up to 6 weeks. After being cleared by Customs each Hummer Limousine is trucked to our engineering plant for right hand drive conversion.

At the same time a complete engineering feat is accomplished with the rear differential engineered to accommodate our “One of a kind” 4 wheel steering. We are the first people in the world to ever put rear steering on a Hummer!

The steering is extremely important for the manoeuvrability and flexibility of the vehicle. Each wheel is capable of moving up to 20 degrees when the steering wheel is turned. The rear steering, different to conventional, has the front wheels turn left when you turn the steering wheel left, but the rear wheels turn right, so the tail end follows the car around corners, making it much easier to turn.

This complete engineering overhaul takes around 6 months for each car to be “Bus Accredited and complied” It is only then the Hummer Limousine hits the road for your party!!

Interesting facts...

• 5 tail shafts from front to rear
• Full time 4WD
• 6.5 litre Chevrolet engine, made by GM
• Weighs 5 tonnes
• Infrared rear cameras to see at night when reversing
• $50,000 worth of chrome on each car
• No front seat. It has an Esky for carrying alcohol and luggage
• 110 litre fuel tank
• Each car has 2 alternators, 2 batteries, 2 air cons, 2 heaters

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